Port Kembla

Port Kembla NSW, Australia

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Port Authority of NSW

Approach Depths: 16.7 metres in entrance to Outer Harbour and 15.25 metres in entrance channel to Inner Harbour.

Wharfage Accommodation and Cargo Handling Facilities:
Coal terminal:
Berth 101: Depth alongside 11.50m. One gantry shiploader – nominal loading rate 1,200 tonnes per hour.
Berth 102: Depth alongside 15.75m. Two gantry shiploaders – nominal loading rate 6,600 tonnes per hour. 650,000 tonnes storage capacity.

Grain Terminal:
Berth 104: Depth alongside 15.40m. Two gantry shiploaders combined nominal loading rate 5,000 tonnes per hour. 260,000 tonnes storage capacity.

AAT Terminal:
Berth 103: 230m in length, depth alongside 12.0m. General cargo, container berth.
Berth 105: 300m in length, depth alongside 14.85m. Car, containers and break bulk berth.
Berth 106: 130m in length, depth alongside 13.60m. Car, containers and break bulk berth.
Berth 107: 290m in length, depth alongside 12.00m. Car, containers and break bulk berth, including some storage facilities.

Bluescope Steel Steelworks:
Berth 109: Depth alongside 11.75m. One Liebherr LHM 400 Shore crane.
Berth 110: Depth alongside 10.70m. Loading berth for vessels up to 180m in length.
Berth 111: Depth alongside 15.60m.
Berth 112: Depth alongside 13.00m. Two 15 tonnes travelling transporter grab cranes – gross discharge rate 500 tonnes per hour. One 35 tonne travelling transporter grab crane – gross discharge rate 1,000 tonnes per hour.
Berth 113: Depth alongside 11.20m.

Berth 206: Depth alongside 11.20m. Facilities for handling sulphuric acid.
Berth 202: Depth alongside 10.50m.
Berth 204: Depth alongside 6.10m. One 17 tonne level luffing crane. One 1,000 tph shiploader.
Berth 203: Depth alongside 9.75m.
Berth 205: Depth alongside 6.80m. Bulk and breakbulk common user berths, including 5,500 sq metres of hardstand storage plus storage sheds of 4,000 sq metres.
Berth 201: Depth alongside: 8.50m. Bunker fuel imports, flexible hose.

Road and Rail Access: Road access to all berths. Rail access to Outer Harbour and Inner Harbour.

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